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master vote

  1. Jacen Voidstalker

    Master Nomination: Kaileann Vera

    Thread tracker is here:
  2. Kitt Solo

    Coren Starchaser for Master

    Coren Starchaser has been SO active lately. He has a feth ton more threads than what's listed at the link, below: I'm nominating him for Master. [member="Jorus Merrill"] [member="Aaralyn Gyndar"]...
  3. Kitt Solo

    Anders Sivas for Master Vote

    (Anders, if you want it and if it passes :)) I was just looking at all the threads you had and how active you've been. You never abuse your powers and it's always a pleasure to read yo' stuff. Therefore, I'd like to nominate [member="Anders Sivas"] for Master. Check out the girl's resume...
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