Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Marcella Fiora

    Approved NPC  Marcella's Chosen

    Marcella's Chosen Mingling with Goons & Guests at a Casino fa-play fa-pause OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a team of veteran "Goons" to do Marcella's bidding. Image Credit: Wookiepedia User Comment (x) Permissions: N/A Links: 'The Family' (Group), 'The Family' (Lore), Marcella...
  2. Marcella Fiora

    Private  A Game of Opportunity

    M A R C E L L AㅤF I O R A Location: The Star Lounge Tag: Ivory Stroud (The Donna) Only the Beginning Marcella had heard good things about the Star Lounge, a popular venue focused on serving the higher echelons of Coruscant society through food and entertainment. She was well dressed for the...
  3. Ivory Stroud

    Ready For Judge  The Family (Crime Syndicate)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To re-establish The Family as a Cybernoir-style Criminal Syndicate in the Galaxy, and bring it current Image Credit: Banner/Dividers: Link, Link, banner and dividers recycled from original submission Canon: N/A Permissions: Prior Faction Owner returning...
  4. Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella NAME: Zoe Rosella FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems ROLE: Smuggler SOLDIERS: 1st Rosella Detachment SPECIES: Human HOMEWORLD: Balmorra AGE: 25 SEX: Female FORCE SENSITIVE: No? WEAPONS: Z-01 EDUCATION: Balmorran Milita APPEARANCE: - Olive Tan Skin - 152cm (5'7) -...
  5. Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella

    Zoe Rosella Naval Commander ______________________________________ NAME: Zoe Rosella FACTION: The Family // Confederacy of Independent Systems ROLE: Naval Commander // Fleet Marshal FLEET: Seraphim Fleet SPECIES: Human HOMEWORLD: Balmorra AGE: 29 SEX: Female FORCE SENSITIVE: No? WEAPONS: Z-01...
  6. Jorco Czeku

    Approved NPC  The Rodian Mafia

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Wanted to make Jroco's criminal organization official ​Image Credit: N/A Role: Mafia​ Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Group Name: The Rodian Brotherhood/Mafia Classification: Criminal Organization Headquarters: Rodia Loyalties: POM Security and Jorco...
  7. Beowoof

    The Finale

    The Finale is a crime organization comparable to your typical mafia. They are headed by the Nova family sisters on Brentaal IV, but are largely composed of autonomous satellite groups throughout the Core Worlds. The Finale has no interest in acquiring territory, but is certainly invested in...
  8. Beowoof


    [float:right][/float] Calypso Nova Faction: The Finale Rank: Boss Lady Species: human Gender: female Height: 165cm Weight: 57kg Age: thirties Complexion: beige Hair: black Eyes: brown Dominant Hand: right Force Sensitivity: N/A Siblings: [member="Dahlia"] Theme Song [hr]...
  9. Dahlia


    NAME: Dahlia Nova ALIASES: Gemma Hentz Burton, Dolly FACTION: The Finale RANK: SPECIES: Human AGE: Thirties SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’9" WEIGHT: 120 lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Dark Brown SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: No APPEARANCE: She dresses in a style that's effortlessly chic and expensive. Dahlia is...
  10. Herr Vanderhing

    Mafia life

    I'm just bored and looking for some criminals who are interested in the mob life, or maybe you're a goody-two-shoes looking to take me out?...... Idk I'm just bored anything will probably do
  11. Herr Vanderhing

    Vanderhing Crime Family

    Criminal Organization Name: Vanderhing Crime Family Type: Criminal Syndicate & Cartel Affiliation: Techno Empire Alignment: Neutral Evil Operations: illegal arms dealing, extortion, racketeering, money laundering, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and fencing Structure: the Family's...
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