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  1. Sor-Jan Xantha

    Codex Denied  Oswaft Station

    Name: Oswaft Station Image Source: link (photoshop by me) Classification: Generic Location: Laekia, Kalos System, Tingel Arm Region Affiliation: The Silver Sanctum Coalition Population: ~8,000 • Levantine Astronautical Academy Students & Faculty: 7,500 • Merchants: 100 • Tourists: ~200...
  2. M

    Ginger, Ginger, Come Walk With Me

    Location: Levantine Astronautical Academy @ Oswaft Station Orbiting Laekia Silver Sanctum Coalition Territory Tags: [member="Sylvia Nuru"] One of the responsibilities handed to new cadets after so many months was giving tours to visitors and potential students, as it was a reasonable...
  3. Kaia Starchaser

    Ground Control to Major Tom

    She had to work on her practical. That meant she was ‘renting’ a shuttle from the LAA. But that didn’t mean it needed to be a boring trip. She was still a ‘greenhorn’ but she also wasn’t going for an actual degree right now. Nope, she was working on her certification to be officially recognized...
  4. Jared Starchaser

    But you and I, we've been through that

    With the Fringe going through their government shut down, and the civil war tearing the worlds apart, Jared Starchaser, Wing Commander of Warbird Wing and the one who selects the direction that the Wing and her ship, the Dawn Treader should take had to make a call. While a lot of members of the...
  5. Zak Dymo

    Casting Stones (LAA, LS)

    The shape of a Seinar Systems Star Courier cut a distinctive silhouette against the backdrop of stars. What was perhaps even more distinctive was the fact that, for the first time, the ship wasn't flying under a false transponder. As the transport drifted into the Kalos System, it was openly...
  6. Coren Starchaser

    Don't wanna stop (LAA)

    Space! The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship… what ship were they on again? Coren Starchaser didn’t really care. But since he was taking an official spot in the Levantine Sanctum’s Frontier Corps, their answer to the ExplorCorps, and probably better because, we’ll, Coren...
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