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kalinda university

  1. Kurt Meyer

    Bunnies Need College Too

    Kalinda University [member="Kaileann Vera"] Kurt peered around the massive open courtyard of Kalinda University, still somewhat bewildered by everything that he was seeing. It seemed that Kalinda University...or maybe Vanir Technologies had made some sort of deal with Yum Bunnies that would...
  2. Kurt Meyer

    Approved Starship  The Eve

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Sub Kurt's New Ship Image Source: Andrian Luchian Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Various, Kurt Meyer Model: Ugly Affiliation: Kurt Meyer, [member="Jamie Pyne"] Production: Unique Material...
  3. Kurt Meyer

    We Are Smart

    Kalinda University [member="Sebastian Thel"] There were very few things in the Galaxy that Kurt didn't like. He generally had an open mind about pretty much everything. Food, Starships, whatever. He would try anything once. Yet as more time was passing, as he was spending almost every waking...
  4. Kurt Meyer

    Approved Tech  The Meyer Drive

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Sub Kurt's great invention Image Source: Maymoun C Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Various Licensed Manufacturers, Kurt Meyer Model: Meyer Drive Affiliation: Open-Market Modularity: Yes...
  5. Adder

    Coils and Curriculum

    There wasn’t a single feature visible of the pilot save for her legs, sticking from under the engine block like a forgotten corpse. It was after hours at Kali-U, and the halls were mostly abandoned this time of day – no telling what kind of weird parties the local fraternities got up to. Still...
  6. Kurt Meyer

    I Need More Ramen

    Kalinda University [member="Kinsey Starchaser"] Kurt sat quietly in the large open courtyard located right near Kalinda Universities main docking bays. There was a small sandwich in his lap, a bottle of water next to him, and a text book propped up against a small rock to his side. He was...
  7. Kurt Meyer

    Engines and Stuff

    Kalinda University [member="Adder"] This. This was something he knew. Sort of. Engines, thrusters, everything that had to do with ships and vehicles had always fallen into his wheelhouse. It was why he had come here in the first place, why he had thought he could actually do things at...
  8. Kurt Meyer

    What I Don't Know

    Kalinda University [member="Asha Hex"] Kurt frowned slightly, looking up at one of the larger buildings on Campus as he tried to identify where exactly he was. Kalinda University was just about the size of a city, and finding ones way around was something of a habit. You had to first learn...
  9. Kurt Meyer

    Approved Location  Kalinda University

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a fun place to RP ​Image Credit: Render Of Google HQ, Artem Turskii, cristian chierici, Anas Asghar, VisDesign Rendering, Ken Fairclough Canon: N/A Links: [Jon Subbed a University before but I dont have a link], N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name...
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