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  1. R

    Dominion The Past Reveals The Future | First Order Dominion of Isis

    fa-play fa-pause FIRST ORDER DOMINION OF ISIS The efforts of the FOSB and High Command has paid off. A visit to the Anthan Prime resort, and a meeting with a mysterious information broker, has revealed another piece of the shadowy threat that works on the edges of First Order space. The...
  2. Natasi Fortan

    Faction Stygian Blue | The First Order

    [OOC: This thread is set in the immediate aftermath of the Csilla Annihilation in which the Chiss homeworld of Csilla was destroyed by the Brotherhood of the Maw. There is no specific direction of the thread, and your responses can take place anywhere you like. This thread is open to First Order...
  3. Natasi Fortan

    Faction You're Gonna Love Tomorrow | First Order

    D O S U U N To say that Natasi Fortan was disappointed would be an understatement, and it showed. Here, as she climbed the front steps of the Imperial Palace, she didn’t need to force a smile for the cameras. Flanked as she was by a cadre of Royal Guards and an honor guard of army...
  4. R

    Faction Information Is Key | Episode I: A Strike From The Dark - A First Order Story

    fa-play fa-pause INFORMATION IS KEY Our story begins on a VCX-100 light freighter, loaded with imported supplies, headed toward the planet Bakura, where the Rebellion have agreed to assist Agents of the First Order in discovering details about happenings on the planet... DRAMATIS...
  5. Roudac Gannan

    Major Faction A Star Wars Story, Part I: A Strike From The Dark | The First Order

    PRESENTS... INTRODUCING a faction-wide story trilogy, starting May 1st, 2021, featuring: ᐉ A four month overarching plot; with a number of faction threads weaved together ᐉ Multiple faction involvement; with opportunity for others to join the story ᐉ Plot development; which will propel the...
  6. Natasi Fortan

    Faction Only a Footstep Away | First Order & Invitees

    [THEME] The invitation to meet with the noble leaders of the Nothoiin civilization on Council had come as a surprise to the First Order, but a welcome one. The Foreign Office had briefed the Supreme Leader that the Nothoiins likely saw the writing on the wall with the First Order's expansion...
  7. Korynn Sol-Syna

    Faction The Night Begins To Shine | The First Order

    A B S I T THE OUTER RIM TERRITORIES "I understand that the situation on Najarka is being managed by the Corps of Engineers. My point is, their hospitals need better and independent power sys..." A chime echoed inside the cabin. Halting in mid-sentence, the elderly matron held up a hand as she...