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faction advert

  1. Maldor Mecetti

    LFG  House Mecetti is Recruiting Talent

    House Mecetti has recently hit the IC scene, and this faction is looking for talent to flesh out its ranks. Things we could use: 1) A dark apprentice for Senator Maldor Mecetti, who works primarily on Coruscant but constantly finds reasons to go places as a 'Senator on the Scene' collecting...
  2. R

    Major Faction First Order Stormtroopers | First to Fight

  3. A

    Faction Ad  First Imperial Knights

  4. R

    First Imperial Knights

  5. R

    First Imperial Medical Services

    [Faction Ad by Natasi Fortan] [Faction Page - Discord]
  6. R

    First Order Stormtrooper Corps

    [Ad created by Natasi Fortan ] [FACTION PAGE - DISCORD]
  7. Alexandra Feanor

    The New Republic Faction Advert.

    Who are we? Are we the Republic of old, that formed in the aftermath of the Gulag Plague, with ideals at its core but allowed for corruption and decadence to take it from its course? Are we the Republic that was formed in the wake of Palpatine’s Empire, or are we the Republic which fought the...
  8. Coren Starchaser

    The Galactic Alliance: Faction Advertisement

    Stand Tall Stand Together Stand Against the Dark Welcome to the new Galactic Alliance. A faction founded on the belief that all sentient beings deserve their own freedom, independence and protection. Lead by a Triumvirate, the Galactic Alliance is the type of faction that expects the best from...
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