Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Kailani Orsa

    Kailani Orsa

    Kailani Orsa Age 20 Species Dolphinarian Gender Female Height 1.9m Weight 95kg Force Sensitive Yes PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Exceptionally smooth skin which is grayish white on her front side from her neck down her chest and stomach, and the underside of her tail/flukes, being slate...
  2. Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    Feedback on Tyluko.

    Greetings chaos! I was hoping to see what the other writers of Chaos think of Tyluko Dubykee. I have only been a member for a few short months and Tyluko is my only character so far, but he is something that I have taken great pride in and is someone I would like to improve, since he is my...
  3. Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    A Dolphin and his Droid.

    Tyluko laid in bed peacefully, his arms wrapped around [member='Iris Issey'] as they slept together. Light started to shine in through the blinds, letting in the sunshine from the rising Coruscant sun.
  4. Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    A New Day, A New Adventure

    Tyluko slept soundly in the bed, his mind filled with dreams as he slept peacefully in his new home on Coruscant. [member='Iris Issey']
  5. Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    (Picture edited by me in Paint, original picture by artist can be seen at ) NAME: Tyluko Dubykee FACTION: The Order of the Silver Jedi | The Elemental Alliance RANK: Padawan, Protector of Mon Cala SPECIES...
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