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  1. Bu Chandra

    [WiP] Bu Chandra

    NAME: Bu "Dot" Chandra FACTION: Bot Crew Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: "Civilian" SPECIES: Devaronian AGE: 23 Galactic Standard Years SEX: Female HEIGHT: 4'11" WEIGHT: 105 lbs EYES: Cerulean Blue HAIR: Charcoal Black SKIN: Short velvet red fur with black spots FORCE SENSITIVE: Unknown...
  2. Matsu Ike

    Mala Ficent

    NAME: Mala Ficent FACTION: Sith RANK: Apprentice SPECIES: Devaronian AGE: 19 SEX: Transsexual HEIGHT: 7' WEIGHT: 145 pounds EYES: Red HAIR: N/A SKIN: Red FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  3. Carnifex-Demiurge

    Approved NPC Doviculous

    Name: Doviculous (Birth Name: Tez'chev Esteri) Loyalties: While having been made subservient to Darth Vornskr, deep down Doviculous' loyalty is first and foremost to himself. Role: The first of Vornskr's Shadow Hands, a shadowy cabal of Dark Jedi roped into Vornskr's service to further his goals...
  4. Seris Vant

    Seris Vant

    Out of her gear. NAME: Seris Vant FACTION: Mandalorian RANK: Mercenary SPECIES: Devaronian AGE: 47 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 6' 4" WEIGHT: 232 lbs. EYES: Green HAIR: White Blonde SKIN: Pinkish White covered in blonde white fur FORCE SENSITIVE: No...