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  1. Katarine Ryiah

    Faction  An Average Jedi Day (Open to NJO/Jedi)

    Location: Vonnuvi Ship Objective: Socialize with Fellow Jedi Tags: Ran Serys + Open Vonnuvi wasn't exactly the same as being at the Jedi Temple, but it was pretty close. There were dormitories and a cafeteria and training rooms and everything else contained inside a Jedi Enclave, that just...
  2. L

    Good day, everyone!

    Good day, my name on here is going to be LightsabereDSkeleton. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember and have been searching for an RP for quite some time. I look forward to meeting you all. Signing off, Skeleton.
  3. "Jackal"

    First Reply  An almost empty pack of cigarras and a bloody day

    Equipment | In Bio Location | Denon Tag | Open Ah the neon lights, this place was much more fun compared to Coruscant. The real question was which was filled with more bottom of the barrel trash like herself? The thought amused her as she took the last hit of her cigarra, gazing down at the...
  4. Ashley Nevermore

    Private  Range Day

    Balmorra Forward Command Base, Balmorra System Tag: Tarw Rhyfelwr Ever since the Dark Empire established themselves within the deep core, the GADF had been a scramble of activity. Phoenix Platoon, normally based entirely out of Coruscant, had been moved to Balmorra out of a precaution should...
  5. Sazo Vass

    Private  Training Day

    901 ABY | New Jedi Temple Sazo Vass fidgeted uncertainly, having made her way to the Jedi Council Chambers. Shortly after her returning from her short sojourn to Haruun Kal, where she had retrieved the focus of her vision (which she had strapped to her back), Sazo received a summons. From...
  6. Braze

    Dev  Phantom Firearms: A Day at the Range

    TAGS: Anse Baenshaol Phantom Firearms: A Day at the Range Braze found himself at the local firing range, cradling a prototype weapon that seemed almost too ambitious for his youthful frame. The rifle, a sleek and oddly shaped piece of engineering, was the culmination of countless hours of...
  7. Katarine Ryiah

    Discussion  On This Day 17 Years Ago...

    I made my first roleplay post with this character! Happy 17th anniversary to Kat!
  8. Jonyna Si

    Private  Family Photo Day

    Once again, the Noble household's phone rang. Valery had been expecting a call, and yet it came sooner than expected. BrrrrrrING! BrrrrrrrING! Tag: Valery Noble Kahlil Noble
  9. Darth Xyrah

    Faction  Life Day Extravaganza (The Sith Order/Allies)

    [Theme] Location: The Golden Palace, Eliad Post: 1 It had been a greatly busy year for the Sith, to be certain. Civil warring and various other disputes had taken their toll on the order and it's territories, but at last, stability seemed to be largely returning, at least for the moment. Darth...
  10. Tefka

    Staff  Happy Turkey Day 2023

    Please remember to be thankful. If you are not, thanks will be forced upon you. Respectfully, Lead Creative Director & Board Owner
  11. Toltec

    LOA  Short LOA back soon (2 day)

    Halloween antics! But I don't think many are waiting on my responses.
  12. Catronia Byrne

    Private  Snow day? On Coruscant?!

    Being part of the Service Corp rarely came with easy days. You were essentially on call round the clock to go anywhere and everywhere there were people in need. To that end Anthony Gray Sun was prepared at all times for his call to action. Though, there were those rare ones, those calls that...
  13. Darth Dekaltis

    Approved Lore  All I Want For Life Day Is You

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a one of a kind sith artifact Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Media Name: All I want for Life Day is you! Format: Audio Recording Distribution: Common. If you can find it on the holonet, pray for your...
  14. Sycamore Warrey

    LFG  Venturing Into the Galaxy On A Knightly Basis - Looking for Sith and Jedi Interactions! (Edited/Updated 10/1/23)

    Yes before you ask, the pun was absolutely necessary. With the rise of a new Empire in the galaxy Sycamore has decided to dust off his armor, shake the wrinkles out of his cloak and throw himself wholeheartedly into the pursuits of The Lost Empire. But where could these pursuits take him? Why...
  15. Big Nick

    LOA  Three day LOA

    This has probably been noticed already, but my posting is down because midterms are hitting, and I have three exams this week. Not a full stop to posting, but expect a delay or reduction in frequency for the next three days. That would be for... Adeline Noctua, Braze, Yael Kandar, Thelma Goth...
  16. Jonyna Si

    Public  The Day the Stars Stood Still

    Thread Warning: This is a social thread. If you show up with a fleet or try and pick fights, you'll really harsh the vibe and make me sad. I'll probably ignore you if you do, so please don't be that guy. If you do I might sic Domina on you. Location: Cathar, Ran Dom Kuun City Tree Date: 900...
  17. Tefka

    Staff  April Foos Day Over

    Thanks for not having any crazy reactions and mostly being chill with it, hope you came out unscathed elsewhere. R/ Tef
  18. Adeline Telt

    Public  A Day At The Sluissi Market

    A Day At The Sluissi Market Planet: Sluis Van | Sluis Sector | Outer Rim Weather: Temperate | Moderately warm day | Breathable atmosphere Location: A Sluissi market place (See inspiration image above) Setup: The following is a short story to setup Adeline's day at the Sluissi Market. Any and...
  19. The Amalgam

    Private  Day of Activation

    Wearing: Resistance Epidermis Armed With: Skin Shears (Purple Split-Saber) Objective: Welcome Percival Io to life. It was the days of yore, before the discovery of Khemost, but after the coordinates for it had been recovered. The Amalgam had been asked to Xiphos' quarters aboard The...
  20. Theryn Hearthfire

    Private  And On This Day Of Rest...

    Gods, the rumours spoke of, Gods in the Unknown Regions, perched on the very edge of the Galaxy. Oh, Theryn knew all about Gods. His Grandpa Thrand Dawnbringer was the Sun God, after all, he brought the Dawn and with it the safety and warmth of day. In a Galaxy of Force-centric religions and...
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