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  1. Darlyn Excron

    Private  Finding a Common Cause

    Darlyn still wasn't well, but he was able to force himself to work again. Progress, he supposed, towards becoming well enough to find and kill his former Master. All he had to do was get fully in swing, and the old man wouldn't stand a shadow of a chance. The path forward had many plans, lessons...
  2. Darlyn Excron

    Approved Tech  The Jones/Excron Family Blaster(s)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To formally sub Darlyn, his Father (Meryl Jones), and Shoden's personalized DL-18 blaster pistol. Image Source: Image stored here was made thanks to Vee (can't remember who she writes on the board) from both This and This Canon Link: N/A Primary...
  3. Darlyn Excron

    The Post-Freedom "A'den" -dum

    Freedom had prices to pay. Some, immediate. Quick to be paid, and slow to recover. Some debts, though, were slow to be paid off, so slow the cost was left to be told after the incursion of debt. Such a price would, quite amusingly, be paid soon enough, by the man currently seated once again in...
  4. Darlyn Excron

    The Sins of the Son

    Nar Kreeta. Why did all Hutt planets start with Nal or Nar? It was boring, they ought to be a little more creative. Well there was a certain sand planet, but that didn't count really. But, Darlyn wasn't here to consider the fault of naming schemes, he was here on a mission. Nothing quite...
  5. Abelain Narv'uk

    A "Friendly" Spar

    The "Praxeum" that he had been informed about was far different than what the Arue'tii had initially expected when informed about its existence. Of course, he hadn't entirely expected to the place to be nearly as bloody and vicious as a One Sith temple, but simultaneously it was the only type of...
  6. Darlyn Excron

    A Surprisingly Common Occurance

    It wasn't uncommon for Darlyn to find himself in the streets of Commenor anymore. Once, not long ago, he was content to sit in his office, drinking and filling out paperwork, boring as it was, and spend his free time at the Force Praxeum sparring and training. It was a simple life, but it was...
  7. Ardgal Raxis

    The Game is A foot

    Pzob The sweet sounds of the jungle rose around them, as the Slatin Gunship soared over the treetops. Ardgal stood, hand gripping the overhead straps, the other wrapped around the shoulders of [member="Rashae"] in the passenger's area. The arid smells of antiseptic, gun oil, and the hint of...
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