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  1. Azalus Waba

    LOA  New Computer has arrived!!!

    Hello all. I have been absent for a little bit. My computer decided I didn't need it anymore and left this world. After a long attempt to revive it, I gave up all hopes and had to save up for a replacement. It has arrived and I am ready to jump back in. Junko Ike Vaux Gred
  2. Aris Noble

    LOA  Computer Troubles

    Got a new laptop in January, but last night both fans decided to shut off completely. Bringing it to the local repair shop but might be a bit before it gets fixed. Expect slow/lack of posts for a bit till that gets fixed.
  3. Liram Angellus

    Approved Tech  Encephalon Biocomputer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a newer, more widely viable, quicker responsive computer system and layout for GAL ships. Image Source: "Biological Computing" article on Canon Link: Duros Bio-Comp 1000 Permissions: My Subs, Gir Quee Primary Source: Calor series...
  4. Saro Nakaioma

    Approved Tech  F80 MacroPad

    Intent: Portable Computer & Splicing Device Image Source: Artist Credit Canon Link: Not Applicable Permissions: Not Applicable Primary Source: Not Applicable Manufacturer: Fukashi Electric Nakaioma Electronics Nakaioma Cyber Systems Affiliation: Nakaioma Central HoloNet Store Customers...
  5. Roth Likonis

    Approved Tech  L.TCA2.1 Targeting Computer (auto/assist)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a targeting computer console that integrates previous LIKON submissions. Image Source: Link Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: LIKON L-01x precision targeting laser / LIKON L1CC backup drive / L-FC1v Fire Control Unit / Droid...
  6. Roth Likonis

    Approved Tech  L1CC backup drive

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a safety backup drive for future LIKON computer projects Image Source: Link Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: EI-9 Network security droid / central processor / Rapidprogram module / management circuitry / Forb basic / pyrowall /...
  7. Progflaw99

    Sentience: The Ascension [PM to Join]

    Status: Idle Location: No parameters defined System: Tactical Mainframe Processing. Motion detected. Exterior Hangar Doors Activated. Door Action sequence completed. Interior camera system activated. Inside the small hangar bay of the asteroid facility, no sound could be heard as the...
  8. Progflaw99


    TMS-471 Artist Credit: NAME: TMS-471, Tactical Mainframe System, Iteration 471. FACTION: Unaligned. RANK: No Faction affiliation. SPECIES: AI. Sentient Computer System. AGE: 8 months. SEX: No gender. Does not identify itself by gender. HEIGHT...
  9. Tiln Frex

    Approved Tech  Tiln Frex's Portable

    - Tiln Frex's Portable - Intent - To create a portable computer for use by my slicer character. Development Thread - N/A. Manufacturer - Tiln Frex. Affiliation - Tiln Frex. Modularity - Completely improvised; has been constantly modified up to this point. Production - Unique. Material -...
  10. Nicademus Blith

    Approved Tech  OM-COM 576 Contact lenses

    Image Source: Intent: to create an open market covert Hud system. Development Thread: Manufacturer: Blith-Tech Model: OM-COM 576 Affiliation...
  11. EmKay

    K22i Wrist Computer and Utility Companion

    Image Source K22i Wrist Computer and Utility Companion Intent To provide Atretes Rhoujen with a new, improved, and much smaller rendition of the A21U Pocket Secretary Development Threads Design [Pending] Acquire Phrik [Pending] Creation [Pending] Manufacturer Designed by Atretes Rhoujen...
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