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  1. Karthus

    Question Comic Character

    What is the name of the old 80s Star Wars comic book character that was wearing knight armor, and had like a galaxy effect on his cape? It might have just been stars and less galaxy.
  2. Thalia Senn

    Spoiler Caption Me [Potential High Republic Comic Spoilers]

    Thalia. My first serious attempt at writing a Jedi since The Hound ... That didn't end well. She's still in her infancy as a character but I thought we could have some fun with her. Knowing what y'all know (or don't know) about Thalia I've found some stuff that I want you guys to caption with...
  3. Other Space Kaiden

    Starchaser Express: A Kickstarter out of this Galaxy (featuring Jon Bailey!)

    Hey there Chaos! It's me again, I'm back! I am Kinda like a hangnail, you chew me off but I just keep growing back. Always watching. Always waiting. But this most recent leaving was for a good cause! I have been working on a brand-new webcomic series with the fabulous soul who is now running...
  4. Sinya'olan

    Shattered Empire Comics

    Hey guys just wondered if anyone was reading this 4 comic mini-series that is a lead up to the move. I was just looking for thoughts on it, or if you didn't know about it...well now you do! :D