Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Minuteman75

    Discussion  Favorite Roleplay Experiences

    Hey gang I just finished re-reading one of my favorite stories here on the site and felt inspired to set up a discussion thread so anyone can recount some of their favorite roleplaying experiences at SW: Chaos. Anyway I‘ll start off with one of my favorite threads I roleplayed here. I’m Still...
  2. Braze

    Artist  Art Gallery [Weapons]

    Table of Contents: WIP
  3. Tefka

    Question  Can you help us fill out the Chaos LOTR/Hobbit Characters?

    We're coming up with a list in MFO/Staff chat instead of being productive Tefka - Frodo, also Eowyn Valiens Nantaris - Samwise, also Saruman, also Nimloth, also Simaril #1, Oromë Srina Talon - Bree Innkeeper John Locke - Merry Judah Lesan - Pippin Collector - Gimli, Skinbark Allyson Locke...
  4. Aron Thress

    LFG  Looking for characters to forge life long bonds!

    Heya! I’m looking for some other characters around Aron’s age (late teens, early twenties) to form a good bond that can grow as they do. Not specifically Jedi, just anyone who wants wacky zaney adventures and threads through the galaxy!
  5. Jonyna Si

    Discussion  If Canon Characters existed on Chaos, what would their profiles look like?

    Was thinking about this today. do you think canon characters profiles on chaos would look overpowered, or would they fit right into the madhouse that is Chaos?
  6. Karasu

    LFG  Stranded Zabrak Merc offering to assist characters develop.

    A couple of time slots opened back up for me to RP again, and I really never got my Zarbrak into any serious arc's or story developments. Willing to join up with anyone, he leans towards the scum and villainy types, so keep that in mind. Ask me anything else here. I'm on Discord here too, so we...
  7. Minuteman75

    Question  Favorite NPCs?

    Hi folks I just had an interesting thought and want to discuss it with you fellow roleplayers. Basically who been your favorite NPCs in stories connected to your OCs so far? When it comes to My Alliance Mando, I have three currently. Rhust(Elderly Wookiee Warrior)- Even though he is in only...
  8. Aculia Voland

    Game Masters and Roleplaying Type

    The Empire of the Lost has several people interested in being what one calls "game masters", eg roleplaying opposition in the thread or helping to control its general flow and direction. The faction "owner" is open to this occurring, but would like to keep a running tally of people's preferred...
  9. Minuteman75

    Writer  A Roleplayer’s Confusion

    Hey everyone it's me again. Hope you folks are okay. I have now realized how much time really is really passing ic-wise and it took me completely off guard. I assume the time skips is for every few years icly. The thing is I thought there would be more time to roleplay the characters I enjoy...
  10. Tathra Khaeus

    LFG  The Draelvasier | Interactions/Stories

    The Draelvasier have returned! We're back! After a brutal extra-galactic civil war that saw the destruction of trillions of Drael, and the fall of the Bryn'adul Empire at the hands of the EE. The Draelvasier are back eight years on to finish the job. Right now the species is scattered, and...
  11. Ham Salad

    Question  Any Advice For Writing Draelvasier Characters?

    I have been considering creating a character who is a member of the Draelvasier species (created by Tathra Khaeus), and presumably part of the associated faction. However, I am not entirely aware of all of the species’ writing “quirks”. What I mean is, what are some important things to keep in...
  12. TheCaptain

    Question  Limits for Characters and Ranks in Factions

    I couldn't figure out a way to phrase these in the title, but here we go: 1. Are there any limits on the amount of characters you can have in a faction? 2. Are there any limits on how highly ranked your characters can be in a faction, if you have multiple characters in said faction? I can't...
  13. R

    Question  Next Characters

    So currently I have this one character - Ryala Serona, and of course I'm going to make some equipment for her after a few threads building her up, but I have put a checkpoint on me that after about.. 100-120 messages, or a decent amount more of 'Play-time' under this character with a few...
  14. T

    LFG  Looking for Roleplay on Characters (List Below)

    Honestly, I feel like I hit a rut in roleplaying which happens time to time. More or less, I hit the literal stone wall and just wish to have something to do once in a while. I am not into doing Faction related things for quite a while and being busy, does not help. A majority of people I have...
  15. Salis

    Threads for a couple characters

    Looking for some not-too intense threads for a couple characters. Just a few 1-1's, maybe 3 people but still small. Czeru Dammor: I want to actually use this guy. He'll be staying sith, or at least calling himself one, pretty much regardless of what I do with him. At least that's the plan, at...
  16. Kal Harris

    Need someone to be my characters parent

    Ok so this sounds strange but i want to make a RP where my character meets one of his parents who abandoned him (check my character page for full details) only request is you need to be human (if this is like a super weird request i apologise ive got no idea what might be weird to post lol)
  17. ADifferentSort

    Thread ideas | 2 Characters

    I have two characters set up for different open or private threads, so I'll post some of the ideas I have. Hexus: A sleeper ship era AI seeking to turn the galaxy into a giant computer, currently low on supplies for their automated fleet. A Space Hulk type one shot, maybe linking to a greater...
  18. Underworld Tales

    Technology and Sharing

    Tech Sharing Rules Any aligned or affiliated Player Character can use any nonrestricted tech for their individual character. For Submissions on factory or codex please get in contact, or if it's tech shared seek out the relevant faction or individual for permission instead. Non-Restricted...
  19. Kal-K

    PICREW : make your own characters

    whoops deleting this bc it breaks the rules
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