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  1. Astoach

    The Bishop & The Rook

    The Bishop & The Rook "You know," began Astoach, desperate to break the looming silence, "before repulsorlift craft they actually used to travel along the surface of the water? They'd balance the ship over the surface with form dedicated to abusing the laws of physics with buoyancy and...
  2. Astoach

    The Rising Tide [Faction - The Reborn Imperium]

    The Rising Tide The Recruitment of Evelina Montecratise and the Blood Hand Imperial Paladin Astoach was not entirely certain what he expected when he traveled to the planet of Gamor. Actually, he did expect the pigs and, in that case, he was absolutely correct. Gamorreans, the ancient servants...
  3. Astoach

    The Paladin [Faction - The Reborn Imperium]

    The Paladin Dust set below the twin rising suns and with the sky, so too did Astoach's mood lighten. Tatooine, Anchorhead, a slimy cesspool of the dredges of life and the utterly unspeakable nest of downtrodden tramps who rummaged within the plastoid back alleys, slinking just out of vision and...
  4. Astoach

    Footprints in the Snow (TT vs. TC) [Part I]

    It had been quite a long few weeks since the anarchy reigned upon the Cloud City of Bespin and, as time gently ticked past, Astoach grew ever further paranoid. Not to the point of jumping at his own shadow -- not yet, anyway -- but the threat of the consequences of his vacation time seemed to...
  5. Astoach

    The Wicked

    More often than not, Astoach had the tendency to slip away from progress. Not so much as in direction relation to a simple matter of repressed fear, or perchance laziness, but rather from simply habit and not so much as in personal progress, but progress as a whole, mainly in regards to the...
  6. Astoach

    Finding Force-Users

    Astoach, at this long awaited point in time, had felt the urge to go vanilla. No more stalking, no more preplanning, he would do the by-the-books, instinctive, carnal, and animalistic hunt for a Force User, like the glory days. However, the most important part of such a hunt was the ability to...
  7. Astoach

    Subtlety 101: How to Be Discreet (PM for Invitation)

    Who knew hotels in Kuat could be so vehemently filthy? It was such a beautiful planet, with ringed mesas of towering stone, crystalline waterbeds, and flourishing, bright flora, not to even mention their history as a wealthy aristocracy in service to the Empires of Old, crafting vast spacebound...
  8. Astoach

    Pumpkin Smashing

    As the dreary sunshine sunk through the thick flora that expanded across Felucia’s populous surface, the briefly luminous plants, whose trunks lit aglow with neon bright shades of vibrant color, sunk into darkness, cast under the behemoth shadow of distant, forested mesas and arcs. In the shadow...
  9. Astoach

    Crisis Over Iktotch (PM For Invitation)

    Ascended far above the windy, arid wastelands of Iktotch, the spice vessel, Amore, lazily drifted amongst the voids of space. It now steadily floated among the ethereal tracks of the planet's gravitational pull as it ever so gently descended from orbit with the ginger care of some unseen...
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