Alli Wren appeared on all the Screens in the various stations and ships that were now the home of the Zweihander Union.

"We have had a tough situation. We had to abandon our homes and now have no planet to call our own. That is why we are starting an
new Initiative. Any person or corporation engaged in Exploration of a new home is qualified. We need a new home so let us find one.
We have been given an area of unexplored space by our friends in the Eternal Empire. If you check our various pages, you will find the
details of this initiative. In the mean time we will attempt to live normally. Those of you in ships will have priority in being moved to new
stations that are being built as we speak. We will make sure that you all have a home and job to call your own. Once we have enough
station space, life will return to normal. Once we find a new home we will move ahead and build entire cities at the fastest speed we can
safely build them. We will get through this and be better for it. "

The screen went off and the search for a new home began.