A Message from the Office of the Chancellor of the Left,
Official Representative of the Zweihander Union.

As many of you, out there in the galaxy, may have wondered. Yes, Ilum has ended up within the graceful care of the Zweihander Union and it has not gone unnoticed to those involved that there have been tragedies which could have been avoided, such as the senseless hostilities towards the natives. I, in my position as highest authority witin the Union, can promise you that those involved with these crimes shall be punished according to our laws.

To ensure that there will be no further bloodshed over the planet of Ilum, it has been decided that the planet will not have a military presence of the Union on its soil and that there will only be a security station upon one of its moons with the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the entire system as a whole until such time this would no longer be deemed necessary.

Ilum will be opened up for free passage to those who wish for it to continue as a place of pilgrimage and worship. In accordance to the will of the New Jedi Order, a permanent presence of their members will be allowed and tolerated within our very own borders until such time comes to pass that the Union can safely hand over the Ilum system to the Galactic Alliance in accordance to the desire of the New Jedi Order and as penance to the Zweihander Union's unfortunate acts upon claiming the system as its own.

The Zweihander Union hopes that by acknowledging the presence of Jedi and those who view Ilum as sacred within its borders, a better understanding can be achieved with those governments who support these individuals in their attempt to safeguard the planet's legacy. However, should any attempt be made to unlawfully or violently speed up or terminate the process of tranference, those acts will be meet with equal force, as decreed by the Union's policy on internal affairs.


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