You are one of the lucky ones that Captain Pyrrah has taking a liking to. This doesn’t happen often, so consider this a blessing.

He saw something in you. Whether that be a good pirate in the making, someone who won’t stab him in the back, or possibly you have good looks. No matter what it may be, your life is changed now for the better.

Soon you will be shown what the Outer Rim Syndicate has to offer. What is that you may ask? How about unrestricted travel access through the edges of space. Or the multiple outposts we have set up all across the galaxy, for people just like you. Did we mention the fortune and riches as well?

If none of this has enticed you yet, well then the Captain might be wrong to have saved you. But this is why he sent me down here, to test you.

And if you are up for the task, then your life of a pirate and smuggler begins now. A ship is waiting out there for to take you to our Exocron outpost, where a new vessel awaits you.

So, what do you say. Ready to become the Captain of your own crew?

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