Do we really need to hear this? Yes. Ive seen countless writers fall into the trap of in one way or another growing to close to a concept or idea that does not exist. Yes really. Each and everyone of our characters are not real. Words, pixels and pride. That is the basic elements that we all put forth. Its a fact and reality. My character Kezeroth is not me and does not exist. Yep.

This is not to discredit the sheer amount of effort, work, time and emotion we all place into our hobby of Roleplay though. All those feelings and additions are perfectly valid and needed to make a character karking amazing. With each day, post or w/e measurement of progress or time we spend our own time building things we love. An empire, republic, confederacy, sith, jedi, criminal and blah blah blah. etc. Its our escape, our detachment and fantasy world we all share and go to when we need it or want it.

If you find it difficult to "separate" or "detach" from pixels and words then ... Take a break. Seriously.

How do you separate?! I've had people ask me this before. From a performers( or Rper) view this is not to be a question. Its a observable fact. You Exist and your performance(or character) does not. There is no question to ask. No separation to create. It exists and always has and is there for you as a actor, performer or writer to act on and observe. Sooner this is realized the better Roleplay gets imo. Not everyone will respect your or your character and that is perfectly fine. Diversity and change from our status quo is good, it may not feel good but its good.

IC and OOC should be separated. Its recommend highly.

But Kez we already know this....
Then act like you do. - Kez