Self Given Name: Erimentha Nightshade
Clone Name: ____?
Age: Four years old.
Biological Age: Sixteen.
Race: Clone.
DNA: 65% Human, 35% Zabrak.
Hair Color: Naturally blond, but consistently dyed.
Eye Color: A weird hazel. Depending on her lighting and surroundings, they can appear anywhere between yellow and green.
Skin Complection: Light Caucasian.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Big Five Personality Type: BEOGS.
Force Sensitive: Yes.

A blond teenage girl with hazel eyes, she appears mostly human. Her zabrack DNA is only there in the form of her incredible endurance and strength, and two hearts. On the surface she appears to be a normal human with toned muscle. As a clone under Sith mind-control, she had short straight hair and a simple sith robe and silver jumpsuit on. After leaving, she'd aquire:
- A smiley face tank top.
- Ripped jean shorts.
- Spiked pink handcuff
- A chain bracelet with these secret memorars to her past:
- Lightning Bolt Charm.
- Handcuff Charm.
- Blaster Charm.
- Question Mark Charm

- Sneakers
- Half Gloves.
She would get a long emo haircut and frequently dye her hair.

Under Sith influence, she was an empty husk.
After gaining freedom, she would develop a snarky, peppy, aggressive persona. She would try to become self efficient and independent; refuting any form of outside control and going her own way with sass. She would develop a powerful moral compass and refuse to kill, steal, or cheat. Niave, despite her no-karks-given attitude, she does not trust people easily but can still be receptacle towards scams and propaganda. She has a strong work ethic and a can do attitude.
She is secretly insecure. Plagued with frightening thoughts and flashbacks over her time under Sith dominance, she gets little sleep and always seeks external stimuli to distract herself from her troubles. She is an extreme sensory and thrill seeker. She will even put herself into life threatening situations so she can't hear her own thoughts. She does not think, she never thinks, she always just does.
She absolutely loves banana bread.

A clone, Erimentha is blessed and cursed with residual programming within her mind. This programming can only be easily accessed by her creator and Sith Master. It can be hacked by other Force Users. The Sith Master can allow another person to access the programming easily if he wishes.
By maintaining a telepathic link, anyone who accesses the programming can directly control the thoughts, objectives, general behaviors of the clone. They can also completely control the body as if their own. It takes two to ten minutes to completely take control if the link is severed or if accessing this programming for the first time.
An alternative form of mind control from Direct Control, this is basically a mental state similar to what the Son of Mortis did to Ahsoka Tano. Personality and unique traits are there, but will is bent towards the puppet master. It takes two to ten minutes to completely take control if the link is severed or if accessing this programming for the first time.
The master can cause the clone to lose consciousness by tapping the forehead and saying the words "Black Out."
The master can wipe all memories by tapping the forehead and saying the words "White Out."
The master can cause retrograde amnesia, learned abilities, powers, and skills aside, by tapping the forehead and saying the words "Remember Your Roots."
The clone has a top notch processing speed.
The clone can read of and learn new skills three times faster than the average person. She's literally a fast learner!
She is easily receptive towards all forms of mind control and mental manipulation. Despite being force sensitive herself, the simple Jedi mind trick can easily be used on her.
Despite being four years old, she has the education level of a college graduate. She understands and can employ the uses of various martial arts and well. While the understandings of every nook and cranny can be pre-programmed, direct skill cannot. One can know everything about driving from a manual, but can only gain experience behind the wheel. The programming makes learning a lot easier, but experience and training is needed to become skilled.
Common Crafts and Skills:
- Piloting.
- Mechanics.
- Computer Science and Repair.
- Cooking and Baking.
- Technology Usage.
- Speeder Riding.
Martial Arts:
- All Lightsaber Forms and Techniques except Juyo and Vaapad.
- Echani Martial Arts.
- Boxing.
- Karate.
- All blaster types (pistols, rifles, machine guns, etc.)
- Archery.
- Bombs and Detonators.
- Swordsmanship and Knife Fighting.