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Intent: To make a blog for Kerri’s personal Obsidian Armor.
Development Thread: None.

Kaminoian Armorsmiths and InnoteQ and Sudoka
Model: N/A.
Affiliation: Kerri Aislinn.
Modularity: No.
Production: Semi-Unique.
Material: Armorweave, armorplast, durasteel.
Classification: Multi Purpose.
Weight: 7 kg (15 pounds.)
Quality: 8 Chest, 7 elsewhere, underlay: 3 physical, 5 energy
Special Features: Modular loadout of high tech equipment (see ‘modular components’ below)
- Macrobinocular Viewplate w/Infrared Scanner
- Encrypted, Internal Comlink (voice controlled)
- Augmented Reality HUD: this is able to project information onto the user’s view. For example it can interface with tactical and comm systems to show where an approaching drone is in the sky, or another Knight is through a wall. It could interface with the sighting system of a grenade launcher to show where the round will land and approximate radius.
- Motion/Audi Sensors: can highlight movement, or direction of a blaster shot to the user.
- Audio/Visual Recorder

- Broadband Antenna
- Positioning System (equivalent to GPS)
- Oxygen Filtration System
- Powerpack for systems
- Magnetic Holster for main weapon

- Wrist Blaster
- Splinter knives.
- Utility belt. ( ) for some reason it won't let me hyperlink.
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