So, with the Starchaser Story, it heavily involves the Warbird Wing, Nightstinger Platoon and the ImpStar Dawn Treader. For me, in my head, there is a rich backstory beyond what I've written here, and its good to kind of check in with myself to make sure its all in a loop.
So we'll start with the major NPCs that exist. These NPCs were characters written by an old writing group, so they don't get their history too deeply fleshed, so I don't step on the original writer's goals, but are reflected from memories of writing WITH those writers.
First is Lily Ardellian.
A Corellian, former Republic officer and wayward Jedi. She joined the Imperial Remnant group that housed the Dawn Treader. Joined Warbird Wing, moved from Squad CO to Wing CO, to Ship Commander. She's dark haired, green eyed, pale skinned. Not too mothering, she did take a hand in bringing up Jared and Kaia Starchaser as their parents were... MIA. She allows the Wing CO to make the choices on where the ship goes, and back when they had more ships, before cannibalizing them for the Treader, she had a lot of stress.
Scall McLean
No one knows where he's from. He sort of showed up. Started revealing himself as a Sith Warrior in use only, not so much the fanatic. Imperial Intelligence. Sniper. Leads the Nightstingers. Hard. Doesn't take weakness as an excuse.
William Wigefield.
Miraluka politician. Corellian. Krath follower, but fights to not be CONTROLLED by Krath. Makes deals for the ship to ensure her survival and making port of calls.
The Wing herself.
Flying TIE Exalts, used to fly TIE Advanced. Each ship is taken care of by the lead deck officer, the Treader has a machine shop, and each pilot has a say in how their ship is modified. Differing systems, weapons load outs and preferences. Even paint and decals are modified to the pilot's desire. These vessels are part of the pilot. And with these pilots being the ones born in space,or born on the Rim with a grudge on their shoulder, no one is going to tell them no. Some are cybernetic, some are enhanced, some are FUs. All are near humans.
Snipers. Storm Commandos. Still not fleshed out too much as the majority of Starchaser stories happen in the Deep Black Sea. But definitely storm commandos, some are cybernetic, some are enhanced, all are near-human or some human off-shoot. Some are Forcers.
Then that brings us to the Dawn Treader
She's gone through a lot, this old girl. From working around an Imperial remnant in Bastion, as a carrier for a strike fighter and storm commando unit. She's aged, she's war torn, and she's well loved by the families inside her. When the errant warlord began hunting down impurities and ne'er-do-wells in his fleet, the Treader loaded up, with half a battle group, well, three corvettes and two picket ships, and made her way to the Chiss. From there? Began working on expanding the Chiss Imperial Vision into the Unknown regions, before joining with the Fel Imperium. When that fell, made their way to the Fringe, to help defend the galaxy from the darkness.
Three facts about the Wing, that translates into the characters involved.
They will go after fanatic Sith
They will go after fanatic Jedi
They will fight the darkness in the galaxy
With galactic shifts in the Fringe, the group made to get some space on the otherside of the galaxy, finding a port in the Levantine Sanctum. Seeing that their tactics were aging for the galaxy of gods and monsters, this is where they will remain, protecting the Sanctum from anyone who wishes to do it harm.
Now my big three. Marek doesn't count here. He's worthless to this family. And he knows it.
Coren, former Wing XO. He took a spot as a quartermaster. While he is now living on the Event Horizon, an LS Frontiers Corp Ruisto frigate, he still calls the Treader Home. He is always looking for new talent to join the Wing, or the Ship. Sending tech and creating contracts to keep his home safe. Warden of the Sky, Unknown Regions.
Jared. current Wing CO. Worked as an Imperial Knight briefly, firm believer that someone needs to knock the galaxy down a peg. Protecting his life-partner-fiance who will be spending time on Oswaft Station from the comfort of his fighter.
Kaia. Newest, youngest. On her Odyssey. Working as a Warden of the Sky. In training. Still getting her feet wet in the galaxy and my head.

A possible sub faction? Freedom of learning your place in the Force. Of learning what kind of strike soldier you are. Of learning and loving your ship. Of your wing as your family.