At first there was nothing but static on the screen until a mythosaur emblem of crimison color flashed repeatedly with coded words that only Mandalorians would understand. It would translate; message incoming. Then a minute later a woman in emerald armor would be revealed sitting in a ship's bunk. Her T-Visor stared back at the screen in momentary silence before she cleared her throat.

"Greetings vod, my name is Minerva Fhiriad, adopted daughter of Jorel Merrik. Like all of you I was raised to be a warrior of our creed. It was my great pride to have joined and served with the Enclave. Yet after our Quartermaster's death and the violent confrontation with the Imperials at the Kestri summit I left and drifted for a time until enlisting in the Alliance military.

The reason why is because I wanted to fight against both the Maw and the Imperials for their crimes against our kin. Indeed I have shed blood from them and don't regret it. Now the Alliance has proclaimed the war over, heralding what many hope to be as peace."

Folding arms together she paused, taking it all in before resuming.

"To be honest I don't know whether that's true or not. It doesn’t really matter to me for I will continue to walk the warrior's path and honor our code as I best know how. But I must confess vod, our people's scattering grieves me. Of course we will survive like our ancestors before us and weather the storms to come. In my heart I know we will rise again in glory someday even though I may not live to see it but I believe all the same.

I want…to reach out to any Mando. Whether as comrades in battle, or talk and share some drinks in any hole that would have us. As much as I still believe that I made the right choice to fight alongside the Alliance but it's been so long since I was with my bethern. Being alone amongst Aruetii has made me appreciate the bonds of our people all the more despite the tragedies that beset us. I look forward to such opportunities.

Farewell for now vod. Continue to ring out the song of the midnight blade wherever you are. Ibic cuyir miai!"

The message immediately ends with static once more.