Verberri is a Seer on Endelaan, and the Queen's latest Raven. At the moment, most refer to her as the new Aeval, though she lacks the former Seer's charm and likeability.
It is only by chance and luck that Verberri may count herself among the seeing. A scion to Clan Zeresh, she would have probably been executed for being a Force User by the Clan had it not been for the disease that struck her eyes. What began as a simple eye infection quickly developed, and before long, the untreated child's eyes began to rot in her head. By the time she was taken out of the Clan for medical help, there was nothing left to do but remove them entirely. Verberri spent months in treatment before the last of the infection was removed from her head, by then which the adults who'd brought her from Zeresh to Vashti had long gone.
Under normal circumstances, Verberri would have been left at Zeresh's entrance, yet the girl began to display not only a knack of the Force, but the ability to See as well. Her first premonition foretold that her return to Zeresh would result in her death. Her second premonition foretold the cure of the woman who had taken care of her, warning her of the cancer that was gnawing at her flesh. The woman died anyway, but Vashti decided to keep Verberri out of Zeresh's grip, wishing to take the credit for such a powerful Seer for themselves.
Verberri grew up and was part of the Seer's Circle. Though many admired her abilities with the Force, she had no friends, no lovers, and no one that was close to her in any way, but also no enemies. Thinking she would spend the remainder of her life as an outsider to Endelaan's social circles, she herself was more surprised than any when the Queen made her a Raven, to take the place of Aeval.
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