To the people of Rodia and Talay,

The Confederacy has shown what it thinks of murdering innocents and using the people they occupy while lying that they care about them. Let none lie to you and say they did not know we were coming. For the retribution of the murder of millions of refugees, we have decided on Rodia and Talay for our next attack. And while we will not conceal our desire to harm the Confederacy itself, we have no interest in coming for those who simply did not have the privilege to move elsewhere. There are ships available to evacuate you to the nearby and neutral world of Vlemoth Port. As with the people of Ryloth, your safe journey there and back again is assured. We will also be opening a few safety centers for those who cannot reach our evac ships or make it off-planet on their own. We will not harm a single one of you who temporarily leaves or moves to those centers. However, we cannot promise the safety to those who remain.

We are the Agents of Chaos.

And we are coming to liberate your planets from the Confederate Empire. Next Centaxday.