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Urgent Message to All Shi'ido Travelers

Yesterday I possessed a datachip containing vital data stolen from a Sith Lord’s personal computer, the contents of which horrified me. My attempts at securing the information via copying it were blocked by an extremely advanced encryption system. Likewise, my pleas for assistance to the proper authorities here on Lao-mon were ignored out of fear that the Sith Empire would exact retribution against the planet if word got out that we had such sensitive information in our possession. I vowed to release the data myself, but alas, it has since been erased at the hands of a traitor.

While I can no longer prove my claims with hard evidence, I will follow through on my vow. A certain Sith Lord has been splicing the DNA of various species together to create new Sithspawn, including the “Doppelgangers”, which are a combination of the Shi’ido and Anzati genomes. These beings are tainted by the Dark Side and are extremely dangerous to anyone who encounters them.

I offer this warning to any Shi’ido who is at risk of crossing paths with those who mean to exploit us, as well as advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of these arrogant Sith “scientists”:

  1. Avoid traveling within the borders of the Sith Empire or their allies.
  2. If you must travel within the vicinity of TSE, seek out private medical care. Do not rely on public hospitals, doctors, medical centers, or any facility which may gain access to your DNA.
  3. If someone asks you for a DNA sample for any reason, including for medical or research purposes, refuse them.
  4. If you find yourself captured with no hope of escape or rescue, destroy yourself utterly. Leave no trace of your body behind. This can be done through the use of acid or fire.
  5. Should you encounter an individual who claims to be a Shi’ido, find a way to confirm their identity, either through an extensive physical examination or a mental link. For the Force sensitive among you, be especially wary if said individual bears a noticeable Dark Side aura, has odd eating habits, or is accompanied by “thralls”, individuals whom they have mentally enslaved by feeding on their psychic energies.
  6. Avoid mating with your fellow Shi’ido outside of Lao-mon. The Doppelgangers are not only capable of passing as one of us, they can reproduce with any species, albeit not through typical means. The resulting offspring will be entirely Doppelganger, not a hybrid.
Use common sense and caution. Be safe.

—Tammuz Hoole, scholar and scientist
Goshen, Lao-mon
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