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Letter of Resignation From the Silver Jedi


To the Silver Jedi,

My time with the Silvers has been a most enlightening experience. Though I was hesitant at first, and for all the problems which plagued the Order, I don’t regret accepting the offer. The Masters, Knights, and Padawans that I have trained and fought alongside are true and worthy Jedi.

The struggle to maintain balance between my duties as a Jedi and my personal responsibilities is a difficult one. As some of you know, my homeworld was invaded by the Brotherhood of the Maw, who have initiated a genocide against my species. The war has already claimed the lives of many of my loved ones, and left the rest as refugees adrift in space, strangers in strange lands.

Now, with the birth of my son into an increasingly hostile galaxy, I’ve reached the tipping point. For the sake of my family and my people, I can no longer continue to serve as a member of the Silver Council.

My comms will remain open to those seeking my aid, but I will no longer be an active member of the Silver Jedi Order. I must go where I am needed most, and right now home has the greater need.

Before I take my leave, I request that my Padawan Aayla Shan be promoted to Jedi Knight. Her training was more or less complete when she came to me, and she has come farther still since then. As for who will fulfill my role as the new head of the Silver Shadows, I trust the Council will find a suitable replacement.

Professor Errik Nimdok


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