The blonde stood before the seeker of knowledge and smiled.

It seems that you have an interest in alchemy, or at least what I’ve been calling our such. Its probably much more akin to alkahest and just Allyan Magick. But what it is is definitely helpful, and doesn’t seem to interfere with the Jedi teachings I’ve received. Sure, I may only be a Knight, and lightly minted at that, more a focus in the magick of the Blue Coral Divers, but still. We all keep in line to the Light.

What I want to discuss with you today is a spell, or ritual of the Force. I’ve been taking to calling it an ‘Uplift’ but well, that’s just a working title.

The blonde witch smiled as she walked, or seemed to walk, in the light of the holocron. Her partner, a vulptex by the name of Dawn had joined her.

What I’ve been doing is testing it on many a manner of creatures. The ritual of the casting requires a few things. Either a close bond or already near sentience, their … consent, for lack of a better term, and the time to perform. What the spell… ritual… whatever does is it requests from the Force to change the creature. To allow them to sense and feel the Force, and the way it flows. To activate that which is dormant and bring about the next stage in that creature’s journey.

Dawn here is a Vulptex, one that was brought into Kattada a while ago. She and her kind evolved away from the mineral fur to a sandy fur. She was spending a lot of time around me, off on Coral Island, and we forged a bit of a connection. For her, the uplift gave her a bit of an understanding on using the Force for hunting and protection, and she is smarter than the average Vulptex.

I had the opportunity to journey out to Hoth and spend time with Jend-Ro Quill. As much as that world is…. Not my favorite… but it does have an interesting species. The Wampa. These creatures are semi-sentient. They do focus on their own needs and wants, but I was able to help steer a few. Not as far as I would have liked but the motion and the feel of the uplift did take hold. It will be interesting to see what can happen in a generation.

I do know that they were at least a bit more passable. Able to hunt with the Force and the few I had worked with even forming a tribe of sorts. From what Quill has informed me, I'm a Kattada girl now, they have developed a language and Quill has come to know several of them as friends. Not unlike how Dawn and I see one another.

Now, what we will need to do...