Hey, folks. Just dropping in to say hello. I've been working the night shift with a punishing commute, and haven't had much writing time of any kind in weeks. The new baby is also demanding of time, and the toddler doesn't appreciate me working nights, so there's that. Miss you guys, but no regrets.
Something else to note, since I've gotten a couple of questions on this and I want to be really clear. Don't anyone let me being away stop you from RPing anything. The stuff and places I've 'claimed' are pretty minimal at this point - divestment is a thing - but still. If people want to torch Yavin, jack the hidden Jedi Holocrons, or whatever, go nuts. I figure people will be respectful of what I've set up, but in the end, don't feel obligated to hold back your stories just because of some guy who was active a couple months ago. Same goes for faction stuff. From what I hear, Starchaser is rocking out with the Underground. And when I get a spare hour, I WILL finish judging that short story contest you guys worked so hard on. A few of you have me on Facebook or G+, or keep tabs on my blog, so if you want to keep in contact while I'm out, you know where to find me.