The Outer Rim Coalition holds one principle sacred above all others: every sentient being deserves free access to the stars.
The government of Coruscant have declared a two-hundred-parsec 'no man’s land’ around their planet. They state that “if the current Galactic Alliance executive or any other faction violates this perimeter, [the Coruscanti government] will not hesitate to use the full weight of the Galactic City Authority to expel such a threat.”
While Coruscant has the right to self-defense and self-determination, this declaration violates the highest principles of interstellar travel. Coruscant sits at the crux of several major trade routes, including the Perlemian, the Corellian Run, the Metellos Trade Route, and the Koros Trunk Line. A zone of denial, if strictly enforced, has the potential to cripple travel and trade throughout the region. This decision betrays Coruscant's ten-thousand-year tradition as the anchor of interstellar expansion.
More importantly, the Mant government's declaration represents a de facto annexation of every Galactic Alliance asset and population centre within a two-hundred-parsec perimeter. This easily includes the nearby shipyard world of Foerost, which is the gateway to the Koros Trunk Line and the entire Deep Core. It also includes the much closer sovereign world of Vandor-3.
Coruscant has effectively annexed both Foerost and Vandor-3, and severed half a dozen trade routes to traffic affiliated with any government.
However, circumstances demand that the Outer Rim Coalition cross the line that the Mant government has illegally set. The Gossamer, a Coalition vessel, intends to make harbor at Vandor-3’s capital of Vangard for a meeting with the Vandori planetary government. The Gossamer will reach the two-hundred-parsec perimeter in one hour and will make every reasonable effort to reach Vandor-3. The Coalition warns the Mant government not to enforce its declaration against the Gossamer.
Signed, Sheriff J.Q. Merrill and Judge J. Sedaire, on behalf of the Coalition Governing Council