The strong do as they will, and the weak suffer what they must. Archangel, Korriban and Matsu taught me that. With the benefit of hindsight, I should thank the Silver Jedi for raining down destruction upon Korriban City. I was bathed in hellfire and almost perished. I emerged the stronger for it. It opened my eyes to the invisible chains that constrained me. Archangel rebuilt me twice, seeking to remake me in their image.
I, quite literally, died. I hated this metal cage, this shell. In a way, I still do. But I've realised that it was my path to freedom. The Enyo that died was weak, scared, naive. She was reforged in fire, steel and pain. That is growth. I will thank my creators by destroying them. I will liberate the other clones. I will take what is mine with fire and steel.
With dispassionate eyes, I watch the fight unfold in front of me. A Garhoon and a Trandoshan are facing off. It's the last fight that will take place today. Both used to be Red Skulls, but that absurdly named gang is no more. The one who's left standing is part of the team. A bunch of others are watching the show. Some are making bets.
The fight is fast, brutal, ferocious. Nothing held back. No finesse, just a pure fight for survival. One moment the vampire has the advantage, the next the lizard. Brutal punches, clawing, biting and so on. I believe it was a fellow called Hobbeas who said that in a state of nature, it's everyone against everyone. No rules. Just survival. He was right.
My thoughts drift to my dear template. She is still nested in her cradle of power. Once upon a time there was nothing I wanted more than to crush her beneath my heel. Now? I still feen an urge to humble her...but is not my overriding drive anymore. I shall step out of her shadow by making my path. If I strike her down one day, it will be for my own reasons.
The Trandoshan is down. A polearm has knocked his teeth out. Then he sweeps the vampire's legs out from under him. The lizard pounces. The two wrestle, but the lizard has the edge. Overcome by a wild frenzy, he strangles his opponent. Even when the latter tries to fend him off with a knife and does all in his power to throw him off.
Eventually, the vampire stops moving. To be frank, I am not keen on his kind. Their appetites are...unhygienic. It baffles me that there are people who consider the act erotic. I step towards the lizard. His scaly green skin is covered in blood. Some his, some the vampire's.
"Welcome aboard." I stretch out my hand. It is deceptively human, covered in synthetic flesh. Peel the flesh away and all you'll see is a cybernetic hand made of phrik alloy.
There is a savage gleam in his eyes. "Thank you...boss," the creature hisses.