Treacherous Curses: The Brands of Aspect
OOC: Feel free to use any of these in your RP. Had an idea, felt like sharing it.
IC: Some unique beings and forces have demonstrated immense power in the modern age. It's no wonder that far-flung groups respect that power in any number of ways. The Brands of Aspect are common signs of devotion. Each mark - whether branded, tattooed, or painted with special substances - honors a specific entity or power. If a Force-sensitive wears a Brand of Aspect, certain benefits and drawbacks can result. All Brands of Aspect are aligned with the dark side of the Force. An individual can wear only one Brand of Aspect at a time.
The Vitality of Dathomir is an incorporeal presence of insatiable hunger. It dwells in a nebula near the planet Dathomir. Cults have sacrificed unwary travelers to it for centuries. If a Force-sensitive wears the Brand of the Vitality, their Force Drain abilities will grow strong but unpredictable. Those who wear the Brand of the Vitality need to be especially careful around friends, lovers, and allies.
Bonus: +1 to Force Drain.
Drawback: Force Drain may strike random targets.
Lotek’k, the Terror From Beyond, is a name for a race of beings from deep unknown space Lotek'k are sometimes summoned with rituals from the Taurannik Codex. Four have been summoned and killed in the modern era: twice in the Unknown Regions, once on Geonosis, and once in orbit of Atrisia. A Lotek'k is the size.of a warship, immensely intelligent, and tentacular. Killing one typically requires a large group of experts, or a starfleet. Its mental presence overwhelms and terrifies anyone nearby. If a Force-sensitive wears the Brand of Lotek’k, they will be able to project fear and dominance more strongly on individuals or groups. However, those affected will grow resistant fairly soon, as the Brand is only a flawed reflection of a Lotek'k's power.
Bonus: +1 to Force Fear, Dominate Mind, etc.
Drawback: Targets gain resistance to future Force Fear, Dominate Mind, etc.
The two Akala Crises changed the universe. Everyone knows someone who vanished into the Netherworld, temporarily or permanently. Everyone knows someone who was pulled into mass hallucination that might have been real. Akala is the most feared name in the galaxy, even after her death. Cults of Akala, in one form or another, can be found on every world. The Brand of Akala, however, takes a fairly standard form. Any sentient who wears the Brand of Akala will catch glimpses of the Netherworld and the dead. Any Force-sensitive who wears it may be able to strengthen and extend those visions. A skilled group or a Master may even be able to step through to the Netherworld - but good luck getting out again. The Brand, expertly used, is still only a one-way trip. Voyagers will need to exit the Netherworld at one of the few remaining portals, such as the Warlock’s Gate on Dathomir, or a certain mountain range on Naboo. The Brand of Akala is the only Brand of Aspect which has any benefit for a non-Force-user.
Bonus: Any wearer can catch glimpses of the Netherworld (stronger if Force-sensitive). May permit one-way travel to the Netherworld.
Drawback: Seeing the dead isn't good for your health. Neither is a one-way trip to visit them. Accelerated ageing and irritating mysticism may result.
Velok the Elder was a Whiphid Sith Lord and Blackguard known for many audacious thefts. Cults of Velok can be found here and there, most often at Polis Massa, Aeten II, Toola, Felucia, Contruum, or Gand. Any Force-sensitive who wears the Brand of Velok will gain an intuitive sense of the direction and importance of nearby Force-imbued items. They will, however, feel a craving for those items. Velok's mark is considered a very minor Brand of Aspect.
Bonus: Sense Force objects.
Drawback: Crave Force objects. May find yourself speaking Whiphid and eating raw steak.
The Vahla are a nomadic near-human species associated with flexibility, theft, and especially fire. The Cult of Vahl worked alongside the One Sith for many years. In the aftermath of their fall, the worship of the ancestor-spirit Vahl has taken many forms. One is the Brand. A Force-sensitive who wears the Brand of Vahl will gain resistance to fire. However, Vahla follow a variety of paths, and many would be hostile to a wearer of the Brand for one reason or another. To complicate matters, Vahla can sense the presence of the Brand.
Bonus: +1 to flame resistance (tutaminis).
Drawback: Vahla can sense the Brand, even if you're concealing your presence. Some Vahla may not appreciate your body art, regardless of your species.
Years ago, Bando Gora reavers caused untold suffering across the Omega Protectorate and the Fringe Confederation. The chaos-worshippers were apparently eradicated on at least three occasions. Bando Gora teachings still crop up now and again. The Brand of the Reaver commemorates the fallen Bando Gora and their countless victims. A fragment of their twisted legacy energizes the Brand. A Force-sensitive who wears the Brand of the Reaver can fall into a bloody rage with ease - or at random.
Bonus: Can induce reaver battle frenzy.
Drawback: Battle frenzy can occur at unfortunate times.