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Make: Silk, aftermarket modifications by the Wretched Hive
Model: Translation-class Light Courier Yacht
Colour: Red and white
Trade-In Value: 300,000cr
Size Classification: Subcapital
Mission Profile: Comfortable, high-speed interstellar transportation for an individual or small group.
Combat Role: None. The Translation is unarmed. It relies on strong engines, shields, and sensors to evade enemies.
Tech Level: Core Worlds elite
Sensor Range: Extended
Hyperdrive Range: 50,000 light-years at Class 1.5; 30,000 light-years at class 0.6
Sublight Fuel Capacity: Transorbital - enough to go around a planet, or travel back and forth from surface to orbit.
Cargo Lift Mass: 10 metric tons split between several luggage/consumables bays.
Supply Capacity: Three weeks for a small group, three months for an individual.
Amenities: Miniature health and relaxation suite, advanced communications (hypercomm, subspace radio), HoloNet terminal with Gossamer hard-light holoprojector, comprehensive entertainment centre, fresh food stasis storage, astromech bay, master suite, two secondary suites, species-variable atmosphere/gravity controls, database.
System Strain Resistance: Low. The Translation includes any number of complex little systems. System strain (e.g. ion cannon fire) can have a disproportionate impact if shields are down.
Points of Strain: If the Translation takes damage, the first things to fail will be the complex life support systems. At that point, the pilot's best bet is to escape quickly and let the astromechs restore atmosphere processing and gravity.