The Sullustan female’s face was displayed. She was looking haggard and tired. On the lfet of her face, on any holoscreen in the Galactic Alliance sphere of influence was the announcement ‘War!’ and the ticker at the bottom of the screen was showing reports, locations of neighborhoods that were on lock down. They would continue on that this was a temporary lock down, it was not martial law. Then she began to speak.
“We welcome you to this special news broadcast of the Alliance News Network. If you are just joining us, we encourage you to stay away from windows and the walls of your home. The Final Order has arrived in the space around Sullust. The Galactic Alliance Defense Force has launched fighters and is recalling our fleets to engage the Final Order in orbit.”
She took a second, a deep breath and looked back at the camera.
“The Governor of Sullust and Chief of State is imploring the importance of remaining in your home. It is true that the Final Order has been able to land shuttles on our planet’s surface. As seen from worlds the Gee-Daf has assisted, we know the Final Order is looking for total destruction. Our Jedi and soldiers are meeting the Order head on, in the skies and on the streets.
“But they need your assistance. Keeping off the streets and away from windows will allow our protectors to do their job. We at Ay-En-En, will keep you updated on the fives, hour and half hour with more information as this situation develops.”