So I started this about a week ago, but I can hardly type. My fingers are shaking. What has happened in the past week, I cannot even describe. I don't know what to do. I'm going to leave soon.

I had to help the Luka Sene find Talli after he left. We followed him to Kashyyyk and tried to reason with him, he refused. Unable to speak or act, I was forced to watch as he was cut down. The Sene Seekers were brutal and efficient. Even as a Dark sider, he didn't stand a chance.

Afterwards, as I questioned why my closest friend needed to die, Lucian, my master, and the Sene Seekers debated about whether I was ready for what they referred to as the 'Trial of Death'. I didn't understand what they were talking about. I persisted in my question. Finally, my master decided that whether I was ready or not, I would have to face it. and so, we left for a world dead in the Force.


I can still see it when I shut my eyes. The death, the emptiness of the world haunts me. I understand why the Dark side must be stopped. But simply seeing where it is is not enough. I need to be somewhere where I can stop it. Where I can be of some use. And so, I'm leaving the Luka Sene. I'm going to join my Sister in the Jedi order.