So, for Coren Starchaser, who was one of my first characters and probably my favorite to write, I've been having some trouble adjusting his timeline to Chaos.
I kind of came in with an old, rich (to me) back story, that I wanted to introduce.
Half the reason I made Marek was to try to get away from Coren, but to use a Starchaser.
Well, thankfully, Marek and Coren hae pulled in such opposite directions that Marek doesn't even write like the rest of the group.

So, the timeline has been adjusted, and its finally sitting right in my head.
Coren is the center of the Starchaser story, so everyone else runs around him.
This first part is back story, and i'm kind of... handwaving it, because I put him on the board and was all 'Don't worry, just write, man'
Biodigital Jazz, man
  • In the Beginning, he was born Popped right into the galaxy all Force Godlike
  • His father was a Corellian Jedi, working on ExplorCorps. His mother: CorSec.
  • There was a Jedi wipe-out event (Initially it was the Order 66, now... its just handwave)
  • Coren and his father escaped, the family went underground, smuggling, surviving #PowerOfLove makes the mother quit CorSec
  • Inquisitors hunt them down, kill Father, Kill mother, Coren inherits a CEC vessel (maybe Tachyon Rising, most likely)
  • Coren, at 16, goes out smuggling (yeah, Mary Sue concept, I grew up as a writer)
  • At age 18, Coren joins an Imperial Academy for a Non-Sith Imperial faction (was originally the Empire, but I'm good with this concept)
  • Starts training as a fighter pilot, and in the Force, non-denomination dark side education, hunter of Sith and Krath and Jedi
  • Age 19, becomes a member of Warbird Wing, meets Kelly Topol, member of ImpIntel. Lives the life of a hot-shot 'wraith squadron' esque Imperial
  • Age 22, marries Kelly, become Quartermaster and Wing XO aboard Dawn Treader
  • Age 22.5, Dawn Treader, Warbird Wing and associated personnel liquidated by rogue Warlord of Non-Sith Imperial Faction. Flee to Csilla/Unknown Regions. Jared Starchaser Born on Corellia during a trip home
  • Spend time from 22.5 to 24.5 exploring and becoming very familiar with the Unknown Regions.
  • Age 25, Kaia Starchaser is born
  • Age 25.5, Coren Starchaser is attacked by a former mentor gone Sith, defeated, frozen in Carbonite.
During the next ~17 years, Dawn Treader remains in the Unknown Regions. During this time, Jared Starchaser becomes Wing Commander. Arrives on Bastion for Fel Imperium.
Begin Chaos Timeline
  • Starchasers/Dawn Treader are working for Fel Imperium, join the part of the fleet that goes to the Fringe Federation at Fel Empire's collapse.
  • After 17 years, Coren and Kelly Starchaser, both free from cryo, both have amnesia, Coren loses the Force skills. Starts from scratch. Kelly Starchaser does not return from Netherworld
  • Dawn Treader move to Levantine Sanctum following collapse of Fringe Federation
  • Everything from Fel Empire to now is adjusted to scale.
Coren Starchaser - mentally/physically 25/26... total age more near 42/43
And that, is the wonders of time travel, universe hopping, cryo hibernation, and writing without establishing a timeline to scale.