(OOC: Takes place post Ziost Invasion)


Jax found himself in the the Netherworld again.

The Jedi strolled through the vast grassland his dark eyes gazing at the starry sky, purple aurora radiating above. Even though Jax had been here a few months ago, the Netherworld still felt surreal and beautiful as though he was taking his first step in a new galaxy. Amidst all this all awe, sudden chill crept down Jax's spine as he slowly walked to the large Acacia tree ahead, he didn't get here through a ritual like back at Gaias. "Well shit," he mumbled staring at his white linen robes. So this is the final resting place for the Jedi was it? A chance to become one with the force and become a tool for the living Jedi fighting to preserve peace across the galaxy.

As Jax took more steps he closed his eyes taking in the cool air of the Netherworld, a smile forming across his face. "Master Oda," he whispered tears beginning to sting his eyes. Master Oda stood behind the tree, his face bursting with pride as his grey eyes gazed at Jax. Surrounding Oda were the Jedi past and present.

"Jaxon," Oda said his smile growing wider. "You've done well. No matter what you tell yourself I am always proud of you Jaxon." Jax continued to stare at Master Oda fighting back tears. His feet remained rooted to the ground despite his growing desire to walk over and embrace his Master. Jax wanted to go to Master Oda and finally become one with the force and be at peace. He fought Pom Stych Tivé to the end and even though he succumbed to death's embrace, Jax went out with a smile on his face. Aveline Cuiléin can carry on his will and become the Jedi that he knows that she can be.

"The time has come," Oda continued. "To be reunited with me and become one with the force."

A nervous breath left Jax's mouth all these years of self hatred of being a disappointment to Master Oda, all those years regretting the fact that he was the blame for his master dying in the sands of Tatooine. Taking a step forward, Jax could feel the his body relaxing walking closer towards Oda. "By the force," Jax gasped. "It feels like years since I just let myself relax." Not many people would mourn the death of a drunken Jedi. At least Jax died on the battlefield fighting even though it was for a cause he did not agree with.

Jax was halfway to Oda, the skies of the Netherworld becoming brighter. He could see his hands glowing a white tint, he felt the force flowing inside him whispering Jax about its will. Jax closed his eyes wanting his spirt to pass on. But he could not, no matter how hard Jax tried he struggled to muster the will to finally accept death. "Master," Jax opened his eyes seeing Oda whose smile faded just a bit. He knew what Jax was thinking. "As much as I want to be with you again, I can't go not yet."

Ironic that all those years wishing for death, by the time Jax was at its doorstep he rejected it. "There's still people back in the physical world who are still counting on me." Jax shaking his head. " Jairdain, Aveline Cuiléin they need me. Many friends like Ripley Kühn, Caltin Vanagor and Crosten Feyn they're depending on me I can't leave them. Not yet"

Tears began to roll down Jax's eyes. as he slowly backed away. "I am a Jedi," he said. "I never thought I deserved that title I had to fracking die to realize that I was always a Jedi. I was just too blind to see it, wallowing in my self-pity."

Oda gave a sad smile. "You are strong and wise Jaxon," he said. "You have become the Jedi that I always thought you would be."

Jax wiped his face as he continued to cry. "Tell me," he said. "What can I do to be a great Jedi? What wisdom can I pass to Aveline? What can I do to protect my friends?"

"You're going to struggle," Oda answered. "The path ahead of you will be mired with doubt and you'll find revelations that you will not like. But teach young Aveline the will of the force, bring her to Gaias and have her embrace the Living Force. Also. as long as you have a good heart and follow your instincts you will have the ability to protect the ones you love."

A door of light formed behind Jax, raking his arm and turning his heel, Jax gave a gulp as he walked towards the portal back to the physical realm. "I will come back Master Oda," he said his back turned to him. "And I will be ready to join you again."

"Goodbye Jaxon," Master Oda smiled watching Jax going through the portal. "May the force be with you."