Tonight On Crossfire
War has come to the Mid-Rim. A Rogue Imperial group, the Final Order has revealed themselves as attempting to take control over the Mid Rim. Never fear, free citizens of the galaxy, the Galactic Alliance is on the move with their military to change the tide. The Alliance Naval Ship Hope has been deployed to the Javin System.
The Final Order have been deploying their Star Destroyers, but the Galactic Alliance is still making their move. We will keep you up to date on the situation as it unfolds.
The military might of both the Final Order and the Galactic Alliance is something that seems to come from legend. The TIE fighters of the Final Order are meeting the ramshackle and random selection of ships from the Alliance, a fight of not only varying military strengths. The forces are meeting in space, but the real question, our source on the Hope is asking:
What is in the Ziggurat on the planet? It appears that Jedi and Special Forces are taking shuttles and rushing to the planet’s surface. Whatever it is, the Galactic Alliance knows the Final Order should not uncover it.
As always, we will keep updating you on our special War Coverage Channel