It had been almost two months since Gil had started the Shriek-Hawks. With two contracts signed, the GA and the Republic the Shriek-Hawk's potential job list was growing steadily. As was its membership. From all over the Galaxy, people claiming and proving Mandalorian decent were flooding the New Junction and Ciryc Gar Oriya recruiting offices. They had to hire a desk staff for Manda's sake. Now he was in the financial district of Sundari now negotiating office space to handle their finances. There were also plans in the works to construct a sort of base of operations on Concordia. They were growing, and there was a sense of pride in his chest about that.
His earpiece buzzed telling him it was time to go back inside. He sighed, taking a swig from his flask before putting it back into his breast pocket. As he began to turn away from the city before him the sun began to set over the white sands of the dunes. It was beautiful really and he regretfully had to leave it.
"Well...back to work."