It is with gratitude and great happiness that today MandalMotors Co. has seen the return of Gilamar Skirata to the company. Though he has not been reinstated as CEO and has instead begun a new financial venture in the Outer Rim, his position as main shareholder in the company has been restored. It is with his suggestion and an overwhelming vote that we are happy to announce our new CEO. After years of service in both our financial institutions and as head engineer, Zeke Farthen has proven his dedication and love for the company and we hope that he will continue to serve our Mandalorian customers as well as the customers we have abroad beyond the stars. The previous CEO, Dorn Skirata has been removed from the company and all of his assets within the company transferred to Zeke Farthen after recommendations from both Gilamar Skirata and Mand’alor Yasha Mantis. He is no longer affiliated with, nor does he represent MandalMotors or its subsidiaries. This concludes our announcement. To our Mandalorian customers, thank you for your loyal patronage, and to those who have been waiting to purchase from us due to our near exclusive contracts with various Mandalorian worlds we thank you for your patience. We are happy to announce a second “Keldabe Strong” run which will see limited runs of our most popular mandalorian ships, vehicles, and weapons outside of Mandalorian Space. We are also partnering with our subsidiary Daw Motors to bring some of the Galaxy’s most loved skycars and speederbikes back to consumer hands with a few tricks up our sleeve as well. Stay tuned and we look forward to your business!