People of the Union!

Today marks the day of a new era! The end of a regime that has allowed greed and corruption to plague Union. At this very moment, the Union will be broken down and then built back up! Brick by brick, Layer by layer! People of the Union, unite I say! Come together and rejoice for you will witness the salvation of the Union! The Chancellors of the Left and Right and other corrupt leaders of the Union have betrayed you! They have betrayed the very nation they swore to protect! They promised to bring peace, justice and security to the people of the Union! But what did they do? They lied! Do not fret, for they have been relieved of their duties.

I am former Director of the Advanced Weapons Division. A trusted advisor of the chancellors and upper echelons of the Union High Command. I have uncovered the secrets of the bureaucrats! They deceived you! They lied to you! I have taken it upon myself to strike against them! To do what most would not. I rose against them! No more are the days of hell imposed on you! No more will the nation you so dearly love and support oppress you! As Chairman of the Zweihander Union, I will deliver the broken promises! Let the free be free! Rally together children of the Union for today is the day that YOU WILL BE HEARD!!!

Chairman of the Zweihander Union,