[background=Name: [/font][background=The Wretched Hive[/font]
[background=Make: [/font][background=Starcrest[/font][background= [/font]
[background=Model: [/font][background=Star Voyager-class Freighter[/font]
[background=Colour: Gray[/font]
[background=Trade-In Value: 1,500,000cr, comparable to a used military corvette[/font]
[background=Size Classification: Medium freighter/corvette[/font]
[background=Mission Profile: Mobile repair/modification facility; salvage; asteroid mining[/font]
[background=Combat Role: The Hive’s tough defenses and good engines pair with its defensively-minded weapons loadout to make a ship whose primary combat role is running away. [/font]
[background=Tech Level: Outer Rim, heavily modified[/font]
[background=Sensor Range: Long[/font]
[background=Hyperdrive Range: 50,000ly (roughly one trip from Wild Space to the Deep Core), or longer if hangar space is sacrificed for additional fuel[/font]
[background=Sublight Fuel Capacity: Interplanetary. The Wretched Hive is capable of moving cargo between far-flung planets inside a given solar system.[/font]
[background=Cargo Lift Mass: 950 tons, due to heavily reinforced hangar bay decks, powerful engines, and modded repulsorlifts[/font]
[background=Supply Capacity: The Wretched Hive’s supply stocks can keep a crew of dozens alive and happy for up to four months, though additional fresh food is recommended.[/font]
[background=Amenities: ‘Freshers, sonic showers, decontamination suites, hologame tables, holo-entertainment library, mess hall, full kitchen, long-range comms, asteroid mining/processing gear, small-scale manufacturing and machine shop, comprehensive modification bays.[/font]
[background=System Strain Resistance: The Wretched Hive’s major modifications (engines, hangars, mining gear, machine shop, reduced/swapped weapons emplacements, improved shield generators, etc.) have made it a maze of circuits and wires. The Hive has no cap drains or agrinium cages or anything along those lines. A number of mechanical dianogas allow crewers to repair or replace components in hard-to-reach places. Overall, the ship is no better off than any other corvette against ion weapons and other sources of system strain.[/font]
[background=Points of Strain: Radical maneuvers can stress the inertial compensators to breaking point, when handling the bulk of berthed starships. Push it too far, and the ships and tech in the Hive’s work bays might start sliding or tipping, and that would be intensely bad. [/font]