"The leaders of the Ruusan Accords are liars and manipulators,"

Mand'alor's face appeared in a holomessage available on major channels within the Holonet. "They play their games in the shadows, they stand on their pedestals of supposed truth, honor and peace.
They think of you as sheep.
As means to an end. They abuse and misdirect. Gaslight and obfuscate.
They claim a higher moral authority,
and consistently slander and misdirect the faith you place in them.
Even now,
their club of the Elite sit in the darkest of shadows,

plotting and planning how to unite the Galaxy under their sole rule

While they all commit atrocities of the highest degree.

They do not wish to make this public.

They do not want you to know.

They hide behind positive sounding words - truth, honor, peace.

Good people don't have to tell you that these are the things they stand for.

The Ruusan Accords are a disgusting attempt to grab at power.

A sad attempt.

And they sweat and they shake at the very idea that someone would speak out against this campaign of corruption.

They think us cowards.

Mandalore is no coward.

The good people of Mandalore stand vehemently against this conspiracy of the wealthy, the corrupt and the elite of the Galaxy.

We invite every farmer, every soldier, every man or woman who has had enough of their political games

to stand with us and tell the corrupt elite,

"Go away.

You cannot control us."

To the Silver Cultist Jeedai, the Free World Conspirators, the Weak Collective, the Commenor System Axis, and all of your murderous, criminal allies - I will tell you this.

I am aware of your attempts on my life

and the conspiracy to subjugate Mandalore's sovereignty.

The consequences will be severe.

<end transmission>