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Author's Note: It is this author's wish to share with you the fascinating history of rulers of Mandalore. It is not this author's wish to provide you the history of the culture, or planet - merely the lines of succession, how they were attained and kept.

Mand'alor, also titled in Basic as Mandalore, is the chosen title of the leader of the Mandalorian people, it's culture, and sometimes their homeworld, Mandalore. The title, in their native tongue, translates to basic as Sole Ruler. This title, or "mantle" as it is sometimes referred to, defines a position of absolute authority within the Clan-based archetype the culture has followed since it's inception. Based in a culture of pride, warrior prowess, and familial ties, this title serves as one of the few uniting factors behind the culture of the Mandalorian people.

Due to the gray area in which this title resides, it can sometimes be referred to as simply a title of cultural title, a warrior's title within the military, or - most commonly - a position of the highest authority within the government that rules Mandalore.

Author's Note: The most fascinating thing I find about this, is that millions of people can suddenly find their rulership determined by the cut of a blade. The title Mand'alor has, traditionally, passed down from person to person by determination of duels - most of which end in death. There are, however, a few exceptions. Some Mand'alors have been democratically elected, some Mand'alors have been chosen as Successors, some have claimed it via the end result of a regime changing war, or more rarely - in periods of long stagnation and decadence by the homeworld's government - cultural movements will begin to choose a Mand'alor simply because he claimed it so.

The Alor'ultai is the traditional ceremony in which a Mand'alor has been chosen, most commonly by duels. Alor'ultais have existed as the chosen method in recent years since the end of the Gulag Plague, as very few instances of titled ceremonies have been historically recorded on Mandalore. The first known Alor'ultai was documented under the leadership of a recent Mandalorian ruler, Ra Vizsla Ra Vizsla , as there have been many changes in regimes and leadership of the mantle since the end of the Gulag Plague and the Four Hundred Year Darkness.

During the Alor'ultai, combatants are chosen and the duel commences. All Clan Leaders, called Alors, are gathered to witness the duel and give their blessing to the victor, solidifying his or her claim.

Author's Note: It will be elaborated on shortly, but it should be noted that there have been exceptions to the Alor'ultai and it is not known if this is a formalized ceremony.

Known Mand'alors, in order of Rulership*
*This article only covers Mand'alors that have existed post-FHYD
**Only notable claims to the Mantle have been recorded.

N/AMand'alor The Rebuilder DeadNPC Man'dalor
@Emberli GarrettMand'alor the StalwartMissingAlso known as "The Bear", won the First War of Mandalore.
Mia MonroeMand'alor the LiberatorDead
Verz HorakN/AUnknown
Gilamar SkirataMand'alor the ArchitectAlive
AzraelSolus IrudUnknown
@Isley VerdMand'alor the ReclaimerAlive
Rejected by the Council of Alors, Isley Verd and Clan Verd left the United Clans to form the Mandalorian Empire.
Ra Vizsla Ra Vizsla Mand'alor the WrathfulAlive (?)
Reunites the Clans, launches the Crusades against the Core Worlds, The Republic and the One Sith. Presumably dies against the Rogue Sith during the Omega War.
Vilaz MuninMan'dalor the UnsungAlive
Briefly claims the Mantle, then recuses himself from leadership. Moves the Clans from Mandalore to Onderon to escape nuclear fallout.
Mia MonroeMand'alor the LiberatorDead
Returns from exile to claim the Mantle, nukes Mandalore. Killed in action during a Blood Duel with a resurrected Ra Vizsla during the Mandalorian CIvil War.
Ra Vizsla Ra Vizsla Mand'alor the UndyingAlive (?)
Returns from the dead, proclaims himself undefeated and still Mand'alor, forms the Mandalorian Empire and begins subjugating the people of Mandalore to Force negation therapy. Declared dead in his sleep, and was presumed assassinated. OOC Note: Was possessed and resurrected by Darth Carnifex, Sith Emperor at the time.
@Yasha MantisMand'alor the InfernalMissing
Claims the Mantle during the Red Wedding, but has since gone missing after an era of peace on which ended with the Sith Empire sacking and subjugating Mandalore during Operation Hammerfall.
Teyn GratiirMand'alor the ConciliatorAlive.NPC. The Sith Empire's puppet ruler. Currently imprisoned by MU.
Kreslin WestwindMand'alor the Reclaimer IIAlive.Leader of the Mandalorian Union, has retaken Mandalore.