In other news, today the Techno Union announced the planned construction of a new Hyperplane, titling the new endeavor Project: Trade. Now, many within the Techno Union have cited that this new direction for the Technology focused corporation comes after the government of Cato Nemodia complained about not being on the Galactic Alliances' Starbird Trade Spine.

When asked whether or not this new Hyperplane would be focused on repairing the damage to Nemodian trade as claimed by the Chairman of Cato Neimodia, Foreman Van Hill stated "No. Cato Neimodia is indeed part of the reason why this new Zone is being implemented but the primary reason is to create a major hyperplane that connects the Unknown Regions to the Core in a much safer way than earlier methods"

Now, after much discussion it has been discovered that the Techno Union and the Bank of Aargau are financing and paying for the majority of project costs but do indeed seek support from major galactic factions such as the Galactic Alliance, New Imperial Order and Zweihander Union. Hill also said today "While we can pay for most of the costs, we can't pay for it all. The GIBA has invested a hefty amount of credit's but support from Major Factions would go a long way"

Hill is expected to reach out directly to the Alliance, Union and Order within the next few months but the hyperplane still has major development issues that must be addressed before presenting anything to anyone.

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