Today, members of the Techno Unions's Board of Directors met for the first time in nearly a month to address the ongoing conflicts within the galaxy.

After a general vote, the Union and it's member corporations voted in favor of supporting the newly reformed Silver Jedi Concord in it's efforts against the Byrn'dual should they attack again. This came as no supirse to the galaxy after Foreman Van Hill stated "The Byrn'dual are horrible creatures. I support the Silver Jedi now and always!".

Yet, as always in the world of corporate affairs, a shock was delivered to the galaxy after Foreman Hill confirmed that the Techno Union would be completely cutting what little ties it held with the Sith Empire, notably destroying or moving thier few facilities in Sith space to friendly New Imperial and Galactic Alliance Territory.

When asked whether or not the Techno Union would join the war as they did during the Clone Wars, Foreman Hill stated " As always, the Techno Union will remain an umbrella for all types of corporations across the galaxy. As a collective organization we cannot speak on behalf of all our members and because of this we cannot repeat our mistakes. We ripped ourselves apart then and we shall nor be doing that again. However, we are undergoing several negotiations with the Galactic Alliance and we are eagerly awaiting negotiations with the New Imperial Order"

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