Rain. It jus' had to be rainin'. A Bith in a overcoat thought with anger, disgust, and regret. He pulled the back of his jacket over his head, stretching the seams on the worn fabric. The water pounded the poor, shabby , clothes but let up, as the man entered a small, fresh and clean room. Boxes lay scattered about, with some tables in the middle of the room taking up a lot of space. There was a small counter in the back, with a huge shelf behind it. Next to the shelf, was room that a R labled on it in Galactic Basic. The Bith man didn't want to work as a bartender, but with his wife dead from a speeder accident and his son too young to get a job, he had to pay the bills somehow. Grumbling, he opened a small door, and jogged up a pair of grimy steps. He went into a small bedroom and shook of his coat, and ran back downstairs. He gazed out the window and saw the logo of his establishment: The Stargazer.