Distant blaster fire echoed among the densely packed trees. Ripples rapidly spread in the once still-waters of a small pond, some small creatures began hopping away in fear. On the planet of Kalee, war had begun. The longtime hatred between the insectoid Huk and the reptilian Kaleesh had broke into war once more, as Huk refugees fled to Kalee. Years of constant in-fighting, starvation and overpopulation were driving certain part of the mantis-like creatures fleeing for new lands, and the Kaleesh were ready to drive them out of their lands. Pent-up hatred and being put back on trade routes gave them more advanced weapons and supplies, along with a fervent spirit to kill the Huk.

A small group ran through the jungle, as sunlight slowly began streaming down onto the wet, muddy earth. They broke into a small clearing, watching a massive battle unfold in front of them. A horde of Huk were being gunned down by a skilled yet small group of the reptilians. The squad began setting up a small mortar, while the remaining members provided cover fire. The Huk ran up the hill, quickly being gunned down, their bloody and burnt husks rolling down the blood-stained hill. One of the Kaleesh nodded to the group, as a shattering boom shook the air around them. A huge explosion made a clear hole through the insects, stunning the rest of the group. They were in trouble.