She sat in her rooms on Korriban, softly opening and closing the fist of her recently replaced cybernetic as if to wake up all the artificial nerve endings. Whether or not it truly helped she didn’t know, but it had become something of a ritual. Darth Sicarii had taken the arm right at the joint, and it had been unbearable. (Ironic, that. Sicarii meant ‘to slice’, a word that made her shoulder ache all over again.) Now that she held the saber in her hands and had practiced with it briefly she understood why - it had not merely cut her open, but boiled her blood and burned the surrounding tissue with some sort of heat she’d never felt pulse off a lightsaber. Truly it was the weapon of a dark sider and she marveled at its hideous intent.
She turned it over in her hands, careful not to activate such a marvelously dangerous thing, when her thumb ran over the slightest indent in its smooth shell. Curious and careful she pressed down and raised an eyebrow as a nearly miniscule compartment slid open to reveal a data chip.
Slipping the card in to her datapad, Matsu was incredibly surprised when a largely explicit album of pictures fed onto her screen. Scrolling through shamelessly, the Sith Lady considered her options. No doubt there would be a healthy market for the pictures - it was the holonet, so there was a market for every weird interest. But that option didn’t appeal to her. She was after all, inherently selfish. She could delete the pictures but that seemed like a great waste of effort when Sicarii had gone through the - admittedly weird and obsessive - trouble of having them made. No...she thought she’d keep them all for herself, thank you very much.