The gift would arrive on a ship sent to Panatha with specific instructions for no one but the Dread Lord Carnifex to open it or look upon its contents. The object inside the box could not be looked upon by someone who did not have excellent control of the Dark Side of the Force without inducing madness and Matsu would not have her gift lost to space because some fool did not heed her warning. The droid that carried the gift off the ship and to the receiving area of the Lord’s great halls would not leave without first delivering the package to the Dread Lord himself. The Atrisian-styled messenger glided down the long, intimidating hallways of the building and towards Carnifex himself. It bowed as it presented the carefully locked box, stepping back and remaining silent until dismissed.
Inside was a skull placed delicately amid folds of fine, dark velvet to protect it during its journey. Clearly human in origin, it had been adorned with all manner of metalwork until it resembled something of a small city. Painstakingly carved between the adornments were thousands, thousands of small Sith runes rusty with what looked like blood. The edges of the symbols sometimes seemed to flash in the light when the skull was rotated. The object itself gave off a powerful Dark Side aura, like to choke anyone who didn’t already command it with precise control. Underneath the skull was a note written in Matsu’s hand.
‘Darth Carnifex -
We have sat on the same councils. We have shared a few words. Out feet have touched the same battlefields. It is my great regret that I do not yet know you as ally.
In your hands is the skull of Gaius Zhuta, a pious man who did not accept the Dark when it came to cleanse Maena. I burned him and cleansed him myself, pared the bones clean until the skull was as you see it now. Alchemy set its city to life. It is my blood dried in the runes to fuel the sorcery which makes it the artifact that I gift to you. Even a great lord such as yourself, though not affected by its power, will feel its toxic aura. Carry this in to battle with you and it will destroy your enemy’s minds with fear. Leave it in your throne room to twist those you wish to crush to your bidding. Torture those foolish enough to stand against you by leaving them in its presence. It will waste them away.
I have made it no secret that I bow to no man or woman. But it is my sincere wish that this token - created by my hand and with my power, given new life from my own blood - will serve to show you that even if I stand as my own god, that House Xiangu stands by House Zambrano in war and in silence.
With respect,
Darth Yaomo’