I've been slow on posting for a few reasons. Between school, part time job hunting, and binge watching cartoons and anime; there's a special project I've been working on. If you don't know anything about me, then I should tell you that I write my own personal projects and stories outside of chaos. Primarily I've been working on a project called Starchaser Express and while it'll always be my baby, the co creator and I have been growing very distant lately and I accept that. It's not particularly a good thing, but it opens me up to work on new projects and pursue new ideas. So in this blog I'm going to talk about my newest project and how I really want to flush it out. Hopefully it can inspire some of the casual writers here to pursue their own creative visions and passions outside of Star Wars. It's great to write community and fandom based Role-Play, but there's nothing like following and creating your own path and projects. Now without further delay.

The Strange and Confusing World of Meadow Williams
Written as a graphic novel, The Strange and Confusing World of Meadow Williams is a very cartoonish style of a coming of age and slice of life story revolving around the main character, a fifteen year old boy Meadow Williams and his experiences in a modern world still done in a cartoon setting. With Meadow as our main character he's best described as a very feminine boy who suffers from a fair amount of anxiety and nervousness over how he's perceived by others over who he is as a person, and while this story is most certainly a comedy I enjoy working in powerful and emotionally dramatic moments that really humanize and make cartoons relatable to life and all its uncertainties. A lot of inspiration I had for this project is of course Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Clone High, and just a smidge of Rick & Morty.
Now obviously I'm not going to put out huge details over what I'm doing until I move deeper into the pre-production phase. But I will say this. The comic will cover a lot of issues and topics that we today as a modern society face. It's comedic themes and narrative will subtly work in topics such as Same Sex Couple Child Raising, Gender Neutral/Androgynous Child Raising, Abusive Relationships, Mental Illness such as feelings of Depression, Isolation and Anxiety Disorders, LGBT Issues, Bullying, and most importantly the standard of what it is to be a "Man". The comic will hopefully achieve this without shoving it down your throat, because if there's anything I hate it's when good shows, comics, or movies, pause from the main plot to solely focus on issues its trying to support. The best way in my opinion, and how I plan on writing it, is to subtly work these issues into the plot so they are woven into it through the characters and their experiences dealing with them all while continuing the main plot. These are topics that while do need to be discussed at length can be worked into a plot to add more flavor and inclusiveness to media and art without forcing it. Subtext and subtlety is how you cover controversial issues within a comedic and cartoonish setting.
But now I'm just rambling. Anyways during 2017 expect a lot more updates, hyping, and concept art for The Strange and Confusing World of Meadow Williams. Something that I'm very proud to create and share with people. I hope that if you are reading this that you are inspired to pursue your own writing passions. Even if you're a poor student like myself, doing what you love and writing a script is always free. And if you're not a fan of what I do or what I enjoy creating then fight me, queen.